Cultural Centre Sofia

Food for the Mind, Body and Soul

Sofia is a cultural centre and meeting place open to everyone. We organize events, courses and seminars related to current issues, culture and spiritual well-being and growth. Our goal is to stimulate discussion, provide an arena for value-based reflection and strengthen a person’s mental resilience.

Kulttuurikeskus Sofia sr was established as an independent foundation in 2004. It especially cherishes the best traditions of Eastern Christian culture, creative thinking, art and lived spirituality, operating on an ecumenical basis. This happens in active presence and genuine encounter with different churches and religions, today’s spiritual flow and different cultures in today’s society.

We promote communal multiculturalism and strengthen understanding between cultures and religions. Thus, we also support the interaction of cultures, ecological sustainability, respect for life, holistic and balanced humanity, and cultural growth.

Silence is sometimes one of the most important things in human life. Our current way of life has alienated us from silence and its importance. Both at work and at home, we live in the midst of constant commotion, rush, and a flood of images and sounds, and we gradually become strangers to ourselves. Sofia invites you to take a breath and stop, to listen to the words of your own life right here and now. You can rest, relax, take a breather from everyday pressures and demands. Peace helps us to find out what is essential and meaningful in life right now.

Sofia’s art gallery is temporarily closed due to renovations of the new hotel wing. The gallery and the new hotel wing will open in the autumn of 2023.


The Hagia Sophia Chapel

Human life is not just material or rational. Spirit is also needed. You can find nourishment for the spirit in our chapel, that is open to everyone for prayer and silence.

  • Morning services on weekdays at 8:30 a.m. and the Devine Liturgy is celebrated on Saturdays at 10 a.m. Visit from Sofia’s main entrance.

The Hagia Sophia Chapel is named after the Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul, built in the 5th century.

The Greek word Sofia means wisdom. It is also used in many familiar expressions, for example in the word philosophy, which means love of wisdom. In ecclesiastical language, Sofia refers especially to Christ.

Small Chapel by the Sea – Dedicated to St Mary of Paris

Are you longing for a moment of silence in solitude? In our small chapel dedicated to St Mary of Paris, you can focus on listening to the core issues of life and your innermost being.

Keys to the chapel from reception.


Cultural Centre Sofia sr

Cultural Centre Sofia is a national cultural institution located in Kallvikinniemi, Helsinki, that started operating in 2004. The Sofia Foundation, on the other hand, is an independent Orthodox entity founded by private people in 2004. The Sofia Foundation owns the cultural center and maintains its operations. Sofia cooperates with various churches and organizations. The cultural center work is also promoted by the Kulttuurikeskus Sofian ystävät ry.