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The auditorium offers an ideal environment for organizing a large conference or seminar. In comfortable seats and pleasant acoustics, 220 people will enjoy themselves for a long time.


The spacious and bright Kallio hall has room for up to 70 people to gather by the beautiful sea view.


Our multipurpose space Kuusi, can accommodate 35 people. The forest landscape that opens from the window calms you down to focus on both, the topic of the meeting or, for example, a musical event.


Koivu is a spacious, bright and multipurpose space for 30 people. The large windows offer a wonderful view of the forest, in the direction of the sea.


The bright but sheltered Leppä offers an ideal meeting place for a medium-sized group for a closer exchange of ideas. For 24 people.


In the peace of the fireplace room, you can spend more relaxed, atmospheric moments with a small or medium-sized group.


In our restaurant, which transforms into many forms, up to 220 people can enjoy taste experiences by the bright seascape.

The glass cabinet can also be booked for maximum of 30 people, for example, for a lunch meeting.

Ravintola Sofia

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